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Episode 40: The Dark Below - Part 1

October 11, 2016

Episode 40: The Dark Below - Pt. 1

Welcome to Season 2 of Destiny Ghost Stories! This week we're not talking Rise of Iron... well, not directly. We know, we know, it's the new hotness, but it's also not even close to finished and there's still so much we don't know. So, as we kick off Y2 of DGS, we're going to be looking back at a lot of the important content that lead us to Rise of Iron and how they really set the stage for what we're experiencing now. It's going to be a big build up and we'll definitely be talking RoI along the way as we explore all the divergent story threads. To kick it all off, we're starting with the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. There is a lot in TDB that had major repercussions for the world of Destiny and many that are still ongoing in the current story. So join us as we explore some of the Guardian's first encounters with both the Hive and the Fallen, the first real clashes between the Hive and the Fallen themselves, more of Eris's craziness, more of Toland's awesomeness, the differences between pre and post Taken King quests, questions that never got answered, some that did, and a whole lot more.

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