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Special Episode: Merry Vexmas!

December 24, 2016

Merry Vexmas: A Visit From St. Everis Merry Vexmas and Happy Dawning everyone! Twas the night before Vexmas, when all through the ship, Not a radar was blinking, not even a blip; The vault space was cleared in the Tower with care, In hopes that St. Everis soon would be there; The Risen were nestled, all snug in their beds, While Visions of Confluence flowed through their heads; And I in my Battlecage, Greaves, Grips, and Wrath, Had resigned my brain to a warm, briny bath; When out in the Ruin there arose such a clatter, I summoned my Sparrow to see what was the matter. Away to the Spire I sped like a flash, Praetorian Foil... Two goblins... now ash. The distance of Earth in the dark Venus sky, Gave rise to memories of days long gone by. When, what through my Praedyth’s Revenge should I see, But a red Sparrow there... with a Ghost in its lead, The driver drove on, not a thing was amiss, I knew in a moment it was St. Everis. More rapid than rushing Fanatics he came, He looked at me then, he called me by name; “Now, Kabr, your friends await not at your leisure, You must provide us with some Corrective Measure. To the back of the Well, in the depths of the Vault! You must find a way! Create some crack, some fault!” Like a Dreg on a Pike he flew past in a rush, Though clearly ashamed, Neville never once blushed. Then up to the door, which I opened with friends, He carried a pack full of old odds and ends. I followed him then, with no way I could know, How I could explain standing right here alone. If six were required to open the door, What happened to those I remember no more? He seemed unaware, or at least unconcerned, With this Paradox on which my troubled mind yearned. I shook off these thoughts, it was time to push on, To follow St. Ev’ris before he was gone He was dressed in odd armor, his shader obscure, As a statement of fashion, I saw not the allure. A bundle of engrams was flung on his back, And he looked like a pedler just opening his pack. His eyes-how they cut through my soul with a stare, Like only Awoken can do, when they dare. His lips they were blue, like the oceans of home, No beard on his chin, his hair dusky gloam. He lead me down paths of impossible age, Eventually landing upon Gorgons Maze. His engrams he scattered, where e’r he felt best, Though he never once touched the Spirit Bloom chest. Within the Glass Throne, one last time he stood, His work then completed, he knew it was good. He looked to me once, with a wink in his eye, Then pulled out his Ghost, and to orbit did fly. Unsure what to do, I fell back to the maze, Attempting to dodge one more Gorgon’s Gaze. But it snuck up upon me - I knew what to do, I let loose a rocket - the Wolfpack knew too. To the wreckage I bound myself, body and soul, To let in the Light, to bring hope to this hole. And so I cry out, though I know not to whom, “Push back the Darkness, Merry Vexmas to you.” Contact Us: Web: Twitter: @dghoststories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Instagram: @DGhostStories Great Resources: The Ishtar Collective Destiny Timeline r/DestinyLore r/DestinyTheGame

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