Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast

Ghost Whispers 9: End of Year Recap / Rezyl

January 2, 2016

The story of the Guardians who looked back over the year of their humble beginnings and investigated the identity of a mysterious Guardian. Episode 9: Oh what a year. In this episode XRAY, drop, and drag0n look back over the past few months and all the fun it’s been creating the Ghost Stories podcast. We also chat a bit about some of the cool things we have planned for the future. We also take a look at the new “Rezyl Azzir” Grimoire card and break down the hard facts of what it presents and also some interesting theories and mysteries about what might be hiding in the story of powerful Guardian who helped the City rise to greatness. Contact Us: Twitter: @DGhostStories Email: Episode References: r/DestinyTheGame r/DestinyLore (FXChip’s Dregden Yor theory)

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