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Ghost Whispers 6: It’s Been Way too Long - Fan Questions

December 8, 2015

Ghost Whispers 6 (12/08/2015) - It’s Been Too Long - Fan Questions The story of the Guardians who missed recording and wanted to answer some fan questions and show our appreciation. Ghost Whispers 6: It’s Been Too Long - Fan Questions It’s been far too long since we recorded and got something released to you, our listeners. This week, we delve into some of the fan questions we’ve received and also discuss some of the new content like challenge mode and Sparrow Racing League. Contact Us: Twitter: @DGhostStories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Episode References: If you’re looking to get caught up on some of the subject discussed in this episode, feel free to check out these great sites. r/DestinyTheGame r/DestinyLore

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