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Episode 7: The Trials of Osiris

November 20, 2015

Episode 07 (11/20/2015) - The Trials of Osiris The story of the Guardians who were invited to Mercury and let the heat melt their bodies so that their souls might flow with the river of time. Episode 7: Osiris. Welcome to the Lighthouse This week we pause from our 3 part series on classes and take a deep dive on Osiris, the ultimate Warlock. There was just too much information to do a proper treatment within the Warlock episode proper. In this episode we discuss all things Osiris, his origins, his interactions with the Speaker, and his pursuit of the Vex. Special Guest this week, SwainStache! Twitter: @Swainstache_CR, @CrucibleRadio Twitch: swainstache Website:​ Contact Us: Twitter: @DGhostStories Facebook: /DGhostStories Email: Episode References: If you’re looking to get caught up on some of the subject discussed in this episode, feel free to check out these great sites. r/DestinyTheGame r/DestinyLore

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