Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast

Episode 47: Community Artists Interview

January 25, 2017

Episode 47: Community Artist Interview - JeredB and Matt Oishi Heads up, Guardians, this isn't a lore focused episode! On this episode of Ghost Stories we're thrilled to welcome two Destiny Community Artists, JeredB and Matt Oishi! You may recognize JeredB as the artist who created our one year anniversiary t-shirt, the hilarious Thanotanauts video, and a whole host of other awesome Destiny artwork. Matt Oishi is best known for his silky smooth, anime and pop culture inspired, Destiny animations and chracter class profile artwork. Join us as we discuss art, the community, Destiny, lore, inspiration, and a whole lot more. This episode contains a few moments of adult language, and should be considered PG-13. Listen responsibly, parental Guardians. Episode References: JeredB DGS Anniversiary Design: "They Are Thanatonauts": Matt Oishi @mattoishi Kotaku: Community Focus: Contact Us: Web: Twitter: @dghoststories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Instagram: @DGhostStories Great Resources: The Ishtar Collective Destiny Timeline r/DestinyLore r/DestinyTheGame

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