Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast

Episode 44: These aren’t ideas, they’re nonsense.

December 10, 2016

Episode 44: These aren't ideas, they're nonsense. Welcome back, Guardians. Ok, first things first... THIS IS NOT A LORE EPISODE. It's been a month since our last show and as we get back into the swing of things, we felt it was worth spending some time back on the mic together and talk about where we've been, what we've been up to, and the future of Ghost Stories. This is a long, rambly episode, so don't exepct a lot of hardcore Destiny talk. If you want a quick TL:DL, you'll find a link below to our site with a post outlining the important parts of this episode. If you're still reading, well... this episode is a doozy. A LOT has happened in the past month and we're all a bit loopy. No topic is off-limits as we rant and jam on a million different things. This is what a really freeform DGS sounds like. XD We will be back with lore next episode, but for now, we just wanted to get back on the mic and wax silliness. Episode References: The Future of Ghost Stories (TL:DL): The Los Angeles Auto Show: 3D Printed Car: Cosmololgy's QM/VoG Post: Australian Man Punches Kangeroo: New Spider-Man Trailer!: Doom on Macbook Touchbar: Vicarious Visions: Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet: Contact Us: Web: Twitter: @dghoststories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Instagram: @DGhostStories Great Resources: The Ishtar Collective Destiny Timeline r/DestinyLore r/DestinyTheGame

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