Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast

Episode 41: The Dark Below - Part 2

October 18, 2016

Episode 41: The Dark Below - Pt. 2 Season 2 of Destiny Ghost Stories continues! This week we're finishing our look at Destiny's first major expansion, The Dark Below, but not before we do a full breakdown of all the major Hive Sects and their significance in the game. After that's out of the way we cover the two big TDB post-Mission Quests, "Extermination" and "Urn of Sacrifice", which culminate in a quest that is no longer available in-game, "Ritual of the Forsaken". We've also got the Union of Light Contest winners and all the usual sidetrack and derailing you've come to expect from the DGS Crew, including a lovely chat about one of our favorite events in Destiny, good ol' "Enemies Moving Against Each Other". It's a fun ride that takes us right up to the pinnacle of The Dark Below, Crota's End. Enjoy! Episode References: Penny Arcade: "Vorvax, The Forgotten" Union of Light Contest: Winners! Contact Us: Web: Twitter: @dghoststories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Instagram: @DGhostStories Great Resources: The Ishtar Collective Destiny Timeline r/DestinyLore r/DestinyTheGame

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