Ghost Stories, a Destiny Podcast

Episode 3: Never Trust a Warlock

October 20, 2015

The story of the Guardians who went down into that pit and lived to tell the tale. LF1M, Must Have Tracking Rockets, Not Be Named Toland In this episode we catch up with everyone's favorite Destiny universe Emo Princess, Eris Morn. We learn why she thought 6 Guardians could do what thousands couldn't and, just maybe, we solve the greatest Destiny mystery of all: Where did she park her ship for all that time? dropslash, BetaChieftain, Hands0meDrag0n, and GabbleRatchet98 join fireteam leader Xray441 and descend into the mysteries of the Hive.

Contact Us: Twitter: @DGhostStories Email: Episode References: If you’re looking to get caught up on some of the subject discussed in this episode, feel free to check out these great sites. r/DestinyTheGame r/DestinyLore

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