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Episode 27: Ghost Fragment Vex

June 1, 2016

Episode 27 (05/29/2016) - The Once and Future War Cult This week brings us to Part 3 of our look at the Factions of the City, which can only mean Future War Cult. Before we do though, we’re presenting this special episode covering the first four Ghost Fragment: Vex Grimoire entries. This series of entries is really the genesis of what we believe to be the modern Future War Cult, with its origins stretching back deep into the Golden Age of Venus and the research of the scientists of the Ishtar Collective. It’s a fascinating tale and it’s repercussions could reshape what we know of the Vex, the FWC, the Exo Stranger, the Device and so much more. Contact Us: Twitter: @DGhostStories Email: Facebook: /DGhostStories Instagram: @DGhostStories Email us for an invite to our Fan Chat on Slack. Episode References: We talked about A LOT of stuff this week. Here are some links! Hans Reichenbach Bostrom’s Trilemma Simulation Counter Argument The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate Being God is a Big Responsibility Neural Networks HUGE thanks to @SherbertPop (Maya) and @neonbath (Chioma) for their amazing VO work in this episode. If you’re looking to get caught up on some of the subject discussed in this episode, feel free to check out these great sites. r/DestinyTheGame r/DestinyLore

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